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Free Picture Games

Welcome to Snaptease the best free picture games website.

Snaptease has 7 differently themed free picture games with 100s of pictures. All suitable for the family

Fun family games

album art
Back in the day of Vinyl and CDs the Album cover was as artistic as the music.
By removing the Artist and Album title you have to try to remember or recall these classic covers.
animal magic
Get up-close to some animals makes them very difficult to recognise.
See if you can tell the animals in these games. Be warned not all the creatures are cute and cuddly!
close up mania
In this classic game, everyday objects and some unusual objects are shown close-up
leaving you to scratch your head until you work it out, or kick yourself when you see the answer.
celebrity mania
These days, celebrities come and go but by making their images appear 'out of focus'
hopefully these movie, music and soap stars will stick around a bit longer!
football mania
The World Cup may be over for a few years but many of the stars play or work in our Premiership league,
see if you can spot them in these negative images.
pixel mania
This game is very popular with all the family. We take everyday objects and scenes and pixelate them
so they are difficult to decipher, we have heard squinting helps!
where in the world
Most people recognise landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, but some locations are very difficult to place,
try not to get too confident with this game, it will catch you out at some point.

New ways to play Snaptease

snapteaser the randomiser
Snapteaser is not a game, but a new way to play the existing games. Using this randomiser, you can play
all the games at the same time. With 100s of images to work out, this could take you some time.
Game of the Day
Snaptease Game of the Day displays a different game each day. If you have your own website
and are looking for fun content that updates regularly then try embedding the Game of the Day.